The Rehoboth Food Pantry is located at 51 Winthrop Street in Rehoboth, MA. We provide confidential food and fuel assistance to Rehoboth Residents who are in need.

The Rehoboth Food Pantry has been part of the Rehoboth Community for decades. The Pantry provides confidential food and fuel assistance to any Rehoboth resident that finds themselves in need of assistance. Unfortunately, the fight against hunger continues and our pantry plays a key role in helping ensure food security for many.

Monetary donations allow the pantry to provide items which we do not get donated, go shopping at the Greater Boston Food Bank where a dollar buys more food at greatly reduced prices and operate the pantry.

Finally, everything the Pantry provides stays right here in Rehoboth. The town has a long history supporting its neighbors in need. Please consider donating. Thank you for your continued support, the Rehoboth Food Pantry is a registered 501c3 charity.

Bob Brawley, President


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Rehoboth Food Pantry
51 Winthrop Street
Unit 2
Rehoboth, MA 02769

For food and other donations, please visit the wonderful businesses who act as alternate drop off locations:

Anawan Pharmacy – 224 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth
Blanding Library – Bay State Road, Rehoboth
Land-Tek – 477 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth
Loraine’s Stitch ‘n’ Crafts – 235 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth
Munroe Feed & Supply – 200 Fairview Ave., Rehoboth
Harvest Tap & Table – Rte. 6, Swansea